Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies Howard Rudge

Corporate Master of Ceremonies

Corporate events are always expensive. Howard has extensive experience of hundreds of Weddings, Dinners, Corporate and Charity events in a wide variety of venues. He has worked with countless venue teams and can quickly spot any weaknesses in their management that may otherwise cause the hosts timing problems, poor service and a disappointing event.

Event Preparation

Howard works closely with the organiser before the event to ensure that every last planning detail is reviewed and that timings are correct.

Howard will arrive early in order to liaise with the organising team and venue team to conduct his pre-events checks. These will include seating plans, audio & visual checks, cloakrooms, meeting rooms, facilities for speakers and guests, refreshment, lunch and dinner facilities.

If awards are to be made, he will double check the listed awards with the prizes/certificates. He will also check that all the speakers, including guests, are on site and check with them where appropriate the correct name pronunciation, their titles and qualifications and how they wish to be introduced. He will also double check their timings to ensure that the event will remain on schedule.

The toastmaster during the event

Howard will call the guests to take their seats in good time for each session, deliver the Master of Ceremonies' opening, introduce the company lead speaker and then act as the link man between speakers and sessions. He will recall guests to their seats after each break and keep the whole event running to time.

If there are Awards he will call the recipients names, titles, company team and other details as appropriate.

If there is to be an evening dinner he will call the guests, introduce the top table, say Grace, and then work the tables to ensure that the guests are happy and that all their needs are being met. Howard will go on to introduce speakers, manage the toasts, and as appropriate run charitable auctions, collect in charity envelopes (encouraging the guest to maximise their contributions) and call raffles.

Throughout the evening he will ensure that the host has all the time to focus on mixing with the guests knowing that every detail is being managed as planned.

Your function, whether formal or informal, will be made more enjoyable and progress more smoothly under the direction of a good Master of Ceremonies dressed in 'reds' or in dinner jacket or lounge suit - which ever dress code suits the occasion.

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Howard Rudge
39 Thorncliffe Drive
Darwen Lancashire BB3 3QA Great Britain
01254 701 904
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